Waroeng Diggers Restaurant & Cafe

Candle Light Dinner, Birthday, Wedding, Farewell Party, Gathering

Do You Want to Eat in One of Peaks of Bandar Lampung City ? Please Enjoy Our City Views..!  We are Available of Quality Dishes And Life Music. We Also Provide Your Special moments Such As Candle Light Dinner, Birthday, Wedding, Farewell Party and Others.

Please Contact & Visit Us Our City at

JL. Way Sungkay Pahoman Bandar Lampung 35213 Indonesia

Phone:  +62(721)472-164

Booking Order
Diggers Team): +62-821-8524-2171

Email: customercare@waroengdiggers.com

Open : All Days

Mon – Fri : 11:00 – 23:00 WIB

Sat: 11:00 -24:00 WIB

Sun : 11:00 – 23:00 WIB

Our restaurant is One of Favorite Places on Our City. It is in front of
  • City of Teluk Betung,
  • Mountain and
  • Sea.
You All Can Also Try Our Guest House With Attractive Prices.








Diggers Candle Light Dinners





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  1. Dian Mustika
    Februari 5, 2018

    Waktu pertama datang ke digger bersama keluarga berasa adem setelah masuk, pemandangannya dr atas buat kita betah lama2 nongkrong disana, sambil menyantap makanan yg kami pesan, nggak lupa kami pun foto2… Nggak rugi deh mampir ke diggers…

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